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We took the boys to Great Clips today for buzz haircuts. If it's "boot camp" we're doing, why not include the haircuts? I watched as Colin talked to his stylist about his experience with mold. She had alot of questions for him. I was shocked at his vocabulary and extensive knowledge. "We have re-located to Arizona for de-toxing",he explained. "We had 300,000 spores of stachybotrys", he continued. "We take cholestyramine" "I got diabetes because of it". Pause. "Type 1"."Our builder stapled the shower pan liner instead of gluing it." He loved talking and she loved listening. Her interest stemmed from an experience she had in the early 90s. This I learned as we checked out. She lived in a University setting and a number of people were sick from the mold. She had a lengthy bout with pneumonia, developed candida, and suffered for many years after. The building was eventually demolished and a number of people sued and were awarded settlements. I stood there in amazement. And wondered. If there are this many stories in our small corner of the world, how does this remain such a hidden health hazard?