Charcoal, Cream, and Hydroxy B12

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I will go into the specifics of our treatment at a later point in time but let me share three interesting responses I have seen in the children since we began this regimen 5 days ago.
Our 9 year-old Colin has had chronic chapped lips for more than a year now. It was the last thing on my list to treat in the midst of so many serious illnesses. Chapstick did nothing. When he was checked out by Dr. Gray last month his lips showed numerous fungal colonies under the UV light. The other kids had colonies elsewhere but not on their lips. This week he began using a charcoal cleanse in the shower daily.He used it on his lips as well.  His lips are now healthy. 
Our 7 year-old Brandon has had rashes on his arms since last December. Raised bumps is the best way to describe this particular rash.  It was altering the pigment. The UV light showed the chitin which indicates the rash is fungal. In 2 days of using the ketoconazole cream his skin is smooth and the remnants of the rash barely visible. It's important to keep using the cream for 4 weeks once the rash is barely visible as the rashes will re-appear. Reagan (12) has had chronic low-grade migraine headaches for more than a year. He rarely mentions them. He has learned to live with them as they are unlike his brother Colin's which have earned us trips to the ER. One of the prescriptions which came from Key Pharmacy in Washington State involved a Hydroxy-B12 diluted nasal spray. It is to be used at the first sign of a headache. One spray per nostril and every 20 minutes until the headache subsides.  Reagan tried it this week. He kept up with it every 20  minutes. He only needed to use it 3 times and the headache was gone. 
Yesterday he asked for the spray and used it twice.  He told me this is the first time he has found relief since these headaches started last year.