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We've owned 2 homes in our 26 years together. The first was a small 1800 square foot home in suburban Chicago. The second our 5500 square foot home in Colorado. In both cases we chose based on location, size, floor plan, and aesthetics. Wall-to-wall carpeting was a bonus. As long as it had a working stove of some sort I was happy. As we've searched for a home this week floor plan and aesthetics are of no consequence. I don't care about the neighborhood or schools. I could care less about views or wall color. Actually the less wall color the better. The less carpeting the better. Electric appliances are now preferred. Furnace and water filters are now important. The use of pesticides has become the first question. The most critical issue: we must smell nothing when we enter. So much has changed in such a short time. The reality of our inflammatory condition has set in and the road to healing has now begun. I'm grateful we reacted so violently to the pesticides in the other home. We stayed 2 days instead of 2 months. After a search that included a 100 mile radius in and around Tucson we have settled on a relatively new home in Vail. It's nothing what I pictured but everything I now know to be healthy for our family. In a few days (if all goes well) we will put our suitcases away for the first time in 2 months.