Twist of Fate?

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In the midst of our search for temporary housing I am reminded of the quest we made to find a home in 2000. We were looking in the Colorado Springs area. The search was narrowed to two houses. Both beautiful. Both large. Both fairly new. Chris loved the one on Fawnwood. He and our two oldest daughters had discovered them on their cross-country house-hunting venture. Chris called me. "We like both of them. But I think the one on Fawnwood would work better. It backs up to a horse farm. It's on a quiet street. You would love it". Sounded great to me. "Go for it", I said. He put a bid on the home and offered the asking price. We were elated. He called the next day. They had begun their trip back to Chicago. "We didn't get the house". I was stunned. Another family put in a bid on the same day. (those were the days). The homeowner chose the other family. I could hear his disappointment. A week later I flew out to Colorado with him. We looked at the "other home". It was 5500 square feet. More than adequate to hold our family of 10. But as I walked through I had an ominous feeling. There were plenty of windows but it felt dark. We eliminated it as a possibility. We looked at other houses. Nothing worked. Nothing was big enough. We returned to Chicago and questioned our decision to move. We had already sold our home. It happened before we even put it on the market. (those were the days). So we HAD to move. The 'dark' house started to look brighter. What if we painted and re-carpeted? We bought the home. We moved into it June 7, 2000. A twist of fate? I don't think so. A stroke of bad luck? I don't think so. A bigger plan? I think so.
The first thing I did to decorate the new home was to have a verse painted on the wall in the entryway. " He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart." I believe it more than ever.