Glutathione and Toxic Exposure

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One of the biggest parts of our regimen includes the use of a nebulizer and nasal spray containing glutathione. Glutathione or GSH is a natural substance produced in human cells. It contains three amino acids. (L-glutamate, L-cysteine, and glycine). In healthy bodies, GSH is found in high concentrations in the respiratory tract. What does GSH do? Detoxifies. Decreases damage from inhaled toxins. In addition, GSH repairs our DNA (mycotoxins alter the DNA), contributes to protein synthesis, transports amino acids, metabolizes toxins and carcinogens, activates critical enzymes, and prevents oxidative cell damage. As you can see GSH is important. In mold exposed patients the glutathione is depleted. Interestingly enough, glutathione is also depleted in autistic children. Dr. Gray told me about a study done which showed the GSH level to be depleted in 100% of autistic children tested. This has proven to be important information for us since our 21 year-old daughter has shown autistic tendencies. Her story is another chapter. There are 3 ways to get GSH back into the system. Nebulizing replaces it in the lungs. Nasal spray replaces it in the sinuses. And it can be given intravenously. GSH will not be as effective if taken in pill form. We get our supply from Key Pharmacy in Kent Washington. Nebulizing is a big part of our day as there are 9 of us competing for 3 nebulizers two times each day. But it's well worth the juggling.