I took our 14 year-old daughter to see the doctor the other day. She has been the "healthiest" of the 9 meaning she was able to go to school all of last year. She was functional unlike so many of the others. No emergency room trips, no laying awake with migraines, dizziness, abdominal pain, or anxiety. No rashes. No chronic sore throat. No chronic colds. She has a history of seizures but these had abated since the second remediation. I even took her off all seizure meds in July. Just before the doctor came in Tuesday I noticed her feet were purple. I washed them to be sure there was no dirt mixed in but they were clean. Vessel constriction. Common side effect of mold exposure and the resulting inflammation. In addition, preliminary testing showed a case of peripheral neuropathy. Her nerve conduction velocity has slowed. We need an EMG to confirm this. De-mylenating peripheral neuropathy is a common occurrence for those exposed to mycotoxins. Her skin showed numerous colonizations of fungus. No rashes, just hidden colonies. She wears a knee brace at all times. She needs an orthopedic to look at it. We talked about her seizures. She was diagnosed with complex partial seizure disorder 5 months after we moved in. Grand mal seizures aren't typical for mold. Her type is. Ironic. She was the last to be seen. The first to show symptoms 8 years ago.