Frodo's Burden

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Our nightmare began two years ago. It was May 8, 2007. We were launched into a world of uncertainty and suffering, a season of worry and heaviness as our world collapsed. Since that time there has been no break. No escape from the worry and anguish.

We're approaching monsoon season in Arizona, months filled with unrelenting heat and flash floods. Something tells me we have miles to go before we rest.

And so the load seems heavy. Unbearably heavy.

Yours might too. All of us carry something. I know my husband and children do.

Tom (you can read about him in the previous post) sent me something he wrote as the reality of his illness and journey set in. He was reflecting on the Lord of the Rings series and the call on Frodo's life.

"Frodo carried a burden that he didn't ask for. He didn't run for cover and instead carried it when nobody else could. He relied on companions throughout his entire journey, often in places unlooked for. All the while, Frodo was bringing hope to the people of middle earth who followed his struggle with interest and support because he represented hope for them in overcoming the threats of darkness advancing into all corners of the land."

I'm especially grateful for the Sam in my life.