Time to Move

We're moving this week. It's a stressful time. Not because of the logistics of packing. Our financial resources have been spent on treatment so we don't have much furniture, toys, or clothing. This is a picture of Colin with all of his worldly belongings. One box and a basket of clothes. (The BEST advice we received was to leave everything behind when we vacated our mold-ridden home.)

It's stressful because we're changing environments. It brings back all of the fear and trauma of the last 9 months. February 1st we moved into a home that had just been sprayed for termites. We lasted two nights. The second night we slept outside. We didn't know to ask the owners about pesticides. We only knew to rule out mold.

Now we know. This time we checked for pesticides, fragrances, mold, and gas. We talked with the builder. We added a clause in the rental agreement that allows us to vacate with no penalty if we get sick in the home. We have a 5-day overlap so that we can air out the home before we move in. We'll keep our air mattresses. (We're going to put them on cots to give us more of a true mattress feeling.) We'll bring in our air purifiers, run the ceiling fans, and clean with white vinegar. We may bring in plants. (Proper maintenance of plants is essential if you want to avoid any mold growth in the soil). For those who do have a green thumb, NASA did a study ranking the top 50 plants to help with indoor air pollution. The following is a great article on this.

NASA plant study

We looked for two months for this house. We called realtors from Tucson to Phoenix, searched the Internet, and drove hundreds of miles in search of a safe home. It's only a few miles away, in the same little town where we are now. We won't know until we try. Maybe, just maybe, it's our "green pasture."