Vaccine Controversy

The controversy surrounding vaccinations is rising steadily in our country. The H1N1 vaccine has taken center stage. While the primary purpose of my blog is to alert people to the dangers of toxic mold, I share the following information to help others sift through the conflicting information regarding human health.

Dr. Joseph Mercola has been a tremendous help to me in this regard. Controversies like these are daunting and require us to think for ourselves. But I would rather be overwhelmed than uninformed.

Dr. Mercola Swine Flu Update

Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon who recently retired to devote his full attention to nutritional studies and research, has written extensively on the issue of vaccination. He wrote this in his recent publication The Blaylock Wellness Report:

"The flu virus is supposed to cause a 'cytokine storm,' and this inflammatory overreaction is what causes the damage, not the virus itself. This is interesting because all vaccines also cause a cytokine storm, one that can last for decades. This is why vaccines are linked to sudden death, joint pains, depression, weakness and fatigue, mental cloudiness, seizures, neurological disorders, and autoimmune diseases."

My ears perk up when I hear the term "cytokine storm." Exposure to toxic mold and its contaminants causes a similar immune response. Cytokines recognize "invaders" and recruit additional cytokines in response to the attack.

Further, according to Dr. Blaylock,

"... there are a great number of natural substances that are also known to calm cytokine storms, but they are much less expensive and have virtually no serious side effects."

Dr. Blaylock lists numerous such substances like Vitamin D3, carotenoids, and buffered Vitamin C.

For specifics regarding these supplements, see his webpage The Truth about the Flu Shot.