Perfect Match

When Chris and I were househunting for our very first home in 1988, our realtor exhorted us to stop looking for the "perfect house." I was taken aback as I was only commenting on the size of the master closet. Still, Chris and I took the advice to heart.

"If you're looking for the perfect car," Chris will quip in the middle of car shopping. "If you're looking for the perfect computer," I'll joke while he agonizes over an electronics decision.

Today is our 27th wedding anniversary. We exchanged cards this morning. Each card contained the words "perfect match."

Perfection is different for me now. It's not a house with a big closet. Or a marriage without conflict.

It's love in the midst of sorrow. Patience in the midst of trial.

Determination despite despair.

We didn't find the perfect house in 1988. We sure didn't when we moved to Colorado in 2000.

But love is bigger than whatever we face. Conflict. Mold. Illness.

And God is the one who brings two young, naive souls together and keeps them together despite overwhelming odds.

Demonstrating that two imperfect people can, with time and
adversity, become the perfect match.