Dear Mom

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I heard your voice. You were anticipating your upcoming trip to New York City. Excited to turn 80. You weren’t feeling well. And yet you were eager to hear our latest. Eager to assure me.

“You’re doing great,” you said. Just like always. As if you believed something that I couldn’t.

It’s been a long year without you, Mom.

You’d be proud of the kids. They’re doing so well with their uphill battle. Such determination. I’d give anything to show you their writings, photographs, and art. You would marvel at the beauty that’s emerging from the ashes.

I sure do miss you, Mom.

I’m comforted knowing your soul has found a resting place. No more mystery. No more striving. No more suffering. No more questions or conflict. And no more uphill climb.

I’m tired of our climb. I know you would understand that. I get so overwhelmed I can barely breathe. But then I hear your voice, not on the phone, but from the top of the mountain. And slowly, I rise up and take that next step.

Thanks for cheering me on, Mom.

I love you.

Happy Mother's Day.