Summer Chores

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We're implementing a tried-and-true chore plan this summer. One I used successfully for many years prior to the chaos of these last three years.

In the event you are a household manager looking for ways to provide some structure this summer, I thought I would share it.

This plan works for pre-school through high school. It is virtually whine-free and conflict-free. I say virtually. I have yet to experience perfect harmony on any given day. Chores or no chores. Mold or no mold.

I prefer a chalkboard for this, but a dry erase board can work as well.

I write a list of chores on the board. (Currently we have 5 children on the plan. I write 5 chores on the board.)

Each participant picks one chore upon awakening each weekday morning. (This provides an incentive to be the first to get out of bed.) They initial their choice and complete it before noon.

If they forget, or sleep past noon, they have an extra chore.

Sometimes I put bonus chores on the board, in the event someone is looking to make some extra money.

They each have a timeslip where they record completion of the task and any bonus chores, in addition to their routine requirements such as making their bed, reading for 30 minutes, exercising for 20 minutes, taking their supplements and herbs, etc. They turn in their timeslip every two weeks for payment. (Currently 5 dollars a week.)

We're still climbing our mountain, but the return of our chalkboard offers a glimpse of a new, recovered life.