Back to School

As summer vacation winds down, school mold problems have been reported in several states across the country. The following four news stories demonstrate the increasing awareness of the importance of air quality in schools.

Mold to Delay Opening of Elementary School

GILLETT, Wis. (AP) -- An elementary school in eastern Wisconsin will have its start date pushed back after mold was found throughout the building.

School was scheduled to start Sept. 1 for the Gillett School District in Oconto County. But mold has taken hold in nearly every room.

The district says it was apparently caused by the humid summer. It's mainly on the carpeting and isn't believed to be airborne.

It was discovered last week just before summer school ended. There haven't been any reports of illnesses.

Secondary school principal Jeremy Pach tells WLUK-TV the district is working with the Department of Public Instruction to determine a start date.

Mold Delays Start of School

ROSSVILLE, Kansas -- A mold problem is causing one school in the Kaw Valley school district to delay its start date.

According to Superintendent Jim McDaniel, mold was discovered at the Rossville Junior and Senior High School building, and while clean up and restoration is continuing on getting rid of the mold, it means that school for those students won't start until August 26th.

Mold Found in More Iowa Schools

SPRINGVILLE, Iowa (AP) -- Mold has delayed the start of class in more Iowa schools.

Officials in Springville, near Cedar Rapids, say mold has been found in an elementary school. The mold was found on Thursday, and students were sent home early.

No classes were being held on Friday.

There was no immediate word from school officials on how bad the mold problem is and how long it would take to clean it up.

Mold has also delayed classes at West Branch Middle School in West Branch and at Regina Catholic Education Center in Iowa City.

Both schools postponed the start of classes from this week until Monday.

Mold Delays School for W.B. Students

WEST BRANCH, Iowa -- Students at West Branch Middle School have been getting a few more days of summer vacation this week after mold was found at the school, delaying the start of the new year.

Superintendent Craig Artist said the mold was found in a couple of classrooms earlier this week, but spread rapidly to other parts of the building as workers tried to clean it up. That prompted him and other district officials to delay the start of school, originally scheduled for Wednesday, until at least Monday, he said. Students at Hoover Elementary in West Branch and West Branch High started on schedule Wednesday, he said.

Artist said the mold is not toxic, but could cause problems for anyone with allergies or asthma. Teachers have remained on the job, either subbing in other district buildings or wearing masks and gloves as they work in the middle school, he said.