Signs of the Times

As we celebrated Kristen's 17th birthday last weekend, I was reminded how much our life has changed in a few years. It came to light as we gave her gifts. Not only did I see how well the kids know each other, I saw the humor in the type of gifts we're giving. Here are some examples:

1. Personal Wellness Journal Health Diary and Symptoms Log. Not only was Kristen excited about this... several of us were jealous! We've learned from Colin's diabetes just how helpful it is to keep track of foods and activity related to symptoms. (Click here to find out more about the journal.)

2. Yoga Mat. Not just any yoga mat. An off-gassed yoga mat! Her older brother purchased the mat, wiped it down with white vinegar and left it outside for several days. No more "new" smell that might impede Kristen's performance.

3. Lulu's Chocolate. With sugar and grains out of our diet, it's hard to find treats that fit our criteria. Lulu's chocolate bars range in carb content from 8-13 carbs total! Kristen enjoyed the coconut version, which contains Cacao, Coconut Palm Sugar, Coconut, Cinnamon, Mesquite, Vanilla Bean, and Sea Salt. (Find out more about Lulu's here.)

4. Birthday Boutique. Clothes shopping is not as much fun as it once was, due to the heavy fragrances. Kristen enjoyed a clothing rack full of specially selected dresses, jeans, and tops. She chose the things that fit well and I returned the rest. Shopping at home was much more fun!

The best gift was a book filled with expressions of appreciation for Kristen. Colin said it best when he wrote his answer to this: “The thing I admire most about you is...”

“You never give up, even when you think it's impossible.”

Maybe the gifts have changed over the years, but not Kristen's fortuitous heart. Happy Birthday, Kristen.