Brandon reached into the refrigerator the other night and applied some whey to a rash on his arm. The rash is nothing new. It's been there for more than four years. Fortunately, it has substantially diminished in size. The rash used to go from the top of his arm straight through to the inside of his elbow. Many times I wondered if the pigment would ever return. Slowly but surely, his rash is healing; it's down to a patch at the top of his arm.

Every now and again he'll decide to put something on it, and whey is one of our options.

I had no idea the rashes we experienced while living in our toxic home were connected with our environment. Of course, the skin is an easy port of entry and exit for the body, so in retrospect it's obvious.

Since our detoxification process began three years ago, we've seen some incredible rashes, many of them more dramatic than the ones we saw in the house.

What are some helpful solutions for rashes? These are our top five:

  1. Calcium bentonite clay. I keep a jar of liquefied clay in the cupboard. Living Clay offers an excellent quality product. Add clay powder to water at a ratio of 1 part clay to 8 parts water. Calcium bentonite clay can be combined with raw apple cider vinegar for added benefit.
  2. Grapefruit seed extract. GSE is antimicrobial and often helps with itching. NutriBiotic offers a reliable option. GSE is best diluted before application.
  3. Tea tree oil. Also highly antimicrobial.
  4. Whey, kefir. The probiotics in homemade dairy products can be very beneficial and soothing.
  5. Coconut oil. Unrefined virgin coconut oil is optimal. Wilderness Family Naturals offers an excellent option.