Chemical-Free by Christmas

Taking the chemicals out of our lives has been one of the most difficult yet rewarding aspects of our family's journey. Difficult, because we learned the hard way that chemicals "hide" in products. (The term "fragrance" on an ingredient list doesn't mean one chemical; it involves a complex mixture of dozens of chemicals. Even products marketed as fragrance-free or unscented often contain a masking chemical of some kind.) Rewarding, because we have discovered so many simpler and safer ways to live.

Altering our diet in light of our health challenges has been even tougher. Transitioning from a sugar-laden diet based on convenience to one of nutrient-dense food that requires preparation time and extra energy has been an uphill battle. The rewards, however, are just as real as the food we're now eating.

The biggest frustration has been accepting the fact that we can't make these changes all at once. I spent two years feeling overwhelmed as I tried to learn new ways to cook. I didn't even know where to begin when it came to cleaning products.

In light of this daunting journey, momsAWARE has developed a 10-month program called The Natural Year Challenge. It's an opportunity to integrate healthier products and foods into your life at a pace that is manageable.

We are currently learning to make our own laundry soap in Month Two of the Household Challenge. Last month we located and purchased five basic ingredients for making our own household cleaning products.

In this month's Food Challenge, we're learning to make a nutritious meat stock. Our focus is the use of an organic, free-range chicken like the one depicted here.

(Introducing Just Sayin', an organic cartoon series featuring
the artistic talents of Ryan Fabry and the creative mind of Chris Fabry!)

Change is never easy. But when it's healthy change, it can be well worth the extra time and energy.

If you would like to join us for the Challenges, we'd love to have you! Just stop by the momsAWARE website to get started. Feel free to go at your own pace or follow along with us for the next eight months. You may be amazed to find yourself chemical-free by Christmas!