Healthy Fats

A recent 60 Minutes segment explored the toxicity of sugar. The interviews were compelling and the research convincing. An interesting link was made between high sugar intake and reduced fats in our diet. The pediatric endocrinologist made the point that food without fat "tastes like cardboard."

Must we avoid butter? What about lard or eggs? Dr. Weston Price studied 10 people groups isolated from the "modern diet" in the 1930s and found that the healthiest people with little to no tooth decay included animal fat as part of their diet. His book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration details his research, which has never been disputed. The Weston A. Price Foundation website is a contemporary representation of his work.

In Month Three of the momsAWARE Natural Year Challenge: Food Edition, we tackle the subject of healthy fats and oils. The following video looks at common misconceptions and explores ways to incorporate healthy fats into your daily diet.