Today's Toxic Talk

Have you ever noticed the way tempers flare and emotions run high during the holidays? Today on Toxic Talk Tuesday we'll be looking at ways to cut down on holiday stress with healthier food. It's certain to be a lively discussion as Chris and I consider the topic "Better Food, Better Mood" (see article below) today at 2:00 p.m. Central on Chris Fabry Live!


  1. So i have a friend who is "toxic". Its been keeping me awake at night looking it up on the internet. Every website has at least on sign of her being a toxic friend, usually more. I don't have the heart to tell her to just leave me alone and never talk to me again like my big brother suggested. We have been friends for years, what should i do??

  2. Your question would be perfect for our next Toxic Talk which will be December 11th. Jan Silvious will offer some help on issues such as yours. Maybe you can call in to the program!
    I do know that it's OK to draw some boundaries for yourself. Toxicity easily spills over - so it's important to keep yourself healthy and sometimes that means maintaining a healthy distance. I'm sure Jan would have some great thoughts for you.