Why I Love My Vitamix

I love my Vitamix. I love it even more now that I've experienced the company's excellent customer service.

I shared my positive experience with Elsie over at The Humbled Homemaker, explaining that I rank the Vitamix right alongside a food dehydrator on my list of Top 10 Gifts for the Health Conscious Cook.

As part of her Kitchen Tools of the Trade series, I explained why the Vitamix will have a place in my kitchen for years to come.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

I purchased my Vitamix in February of 2010. I know the exact month and year because I recently contacted the company to ask about their lifetime warranty.

My Vitamix has been going downhill steadily in the last year. Loud noises and loose knobs have marred our blending experience. The machine didn’t technically break, however. It was clearly impaired but still functional.

I was hesitant to call the company. After all, the blender has survived at least 60,000 uses! (Estimated 4 uses daily X 365 days a year X 42 months = 61,320.)

I pulled up my order history on Amazon, located the receipt, and contacted the company. I received a gracious response letting me know that the company would set up repair service. I was assured there would be no cost associated with the transaction. The customer service representative even said he was looking forward to hearing from me. I printed the shipping label and sent my Vitamix the same day.

Within days I received notice that a package was on its way. To my delight my Vitamix was repaired and they even sent back a new blending jar, no questions asked, no fine print, no hidden costs.

My Vitamix is back on duty blending a variety of foods. In the article I shared my top five ways we use our Vitamix—check them out at The Vitamix (Kitchen Tools of the Trade).