The Scoop on Squash

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There's nothing like a fresh squash recipe to add flare to a cold weather meal.

There are a myriad of squash varieties in grocery stores this time of year. Wondering which is best for desserts or muffins? Or are you looking for one most suited to a vegetable dish flavored with herbs and butter?

Here are the results of our family's recent taste test which included four participants. (2 adults, 2 children.)

Least Sweet

Gold Acorn  (least popular in terms of  natural flavor.)

Golden Nugget (described by one of the participants as "earthy," with another comparing it to potatoes.)

Somewhat Sweet

Acorn (very neutral response to this variety.)

Butternut (same as above with one participant commenting on the nice flavor.)


Delicata (one participant selected this variety as sweetest, with all four commenting favorably on the taste.)

Buttercup (three votes as the sweetest, with all commenting on the appealing texture.)

My favorite way to prepare squash is to dehydrate it into Squash Leather.

View the recipe here.

Regardless of sweetness or preparation method, squash makes a great addition to any meal!
What's your favorite variety?

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