Can Tooth Decay be Healed Naturally?

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Dr. Weston Price (1870-1948) spent the bulk of his career researching the connection between dental health and diet. After traveling the world, Price concluded that primitive groups, whose diets were rich in nutrient-dense, unrefined foods, experienced fewer cavities.

He published his findings in 1939, in a book titled, "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration." His research has never been disputed.

His work continues to inspire many, including my friend Renee – a missionary, mom and researcher. This is her story.

After coming home from Africa a year and a half ago, we dutifully began making rounds as a family to doctors and dentists.Missionaries always take any chance in their home country to catch up on needed work while in a familiar setting. Reese, who had just turned seven, went in for a dental check. Her teeth looked good and felt great, but surprisingly we were told she had eight cavities that needed filling! We were surprised and suspicious, to say the least. I did not have peace at all about the diagnosis and with support from my husband, I began the journey of researching teeth.

I began by praying a lot, not sure where to start but knowing that I needed to find out why and how cavities were invading her mouth. We moved shortly after the initial check up, and began looking for another dentist.I didn't want to ignore the cavities, but at the same time, I was felt I needed a dentist I could trust. I tried several, but came away frustrated at the way they pushed antibiotics and root canals for a problem that wasn't proven to be there. While I continued to pray for the right dentist to address Reese’s problem, the Lord began to bring things to me.

Books came to my attention that I hadn't read before. I became fascinated and ecstatic after reading Weston Price and his ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,’ and then ‘Cure tooth Decay. Everything came together. I had researched and tried various diets such as raw, vegetarian, the Maker's Diet, the pH Miracle and more. Again and again it came back to simple things: Stay away from refined foods and sugar, and put in plenty of good fats, raw foods and soaked grains.

We finally found a good holistic dentist, but I was already coming up with a plan to reverse Reese's tooth decay. I asked my husband to give me 3 months to work intensively with Reese. We did the best we could.We took away all forms of sugar even natural things like honey and fruit. We took out all refined foods and stuck to lots of vegetables and soaked grains. We ate tons of Kerrygold butter and raw cheese.I gave her a double dose of fermented cod liver oil every morning with her raw milk. We also began using clay toothpaste.She was such a good sport about the whole thing!Of course there were days that weren't perfect but on the whole we were very diligent.

We finally made an appointment for her at the dentist. They cleaned and x-rayed her teeth and found NO cavities. There is a tooth that had actually started to decay on the back side but got hard again. They were very encouraging and I was completely amazed. I had hoped that at the least one or two would be completely gone, but to have every one healed, I just praised God and stood in awe

To learn more about the connection between dental health and diet visit the Weston A. Price Foundation website. (You can even see a 1 minute film of Dr. Price!)

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