One Step at a Time

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Peg's kitchen lab: raspberry vinegar, kefir, and turmeric bug - alongside her new dehydrator!
Hoping to live healthier in 2014?  I hope Peg's story encourages you. (Peg and her husband Ron are active retirees here in Arizona.)

What a difference a year makes!  A year ago, January of 2013, I began attending fermentation classes offered by Andrea Fabry.  The information regarding how our bodies work and  what’s needed to maintain natural health was, literally, life changing.  Thus started my quest to begin making changes that might encourage a healthy gut.

Reflecting on the past year, I surprised myself with the changes.  While I thought small changes were being made, I realized I’d made kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, laundry soap, sunscreen, and shea cream. I bought and used a number of essential oils, started dry body brushing, began buying some organic foods, bought a dehydrator and have probably missed something.  I have incorporated healthy oils, grains, nuts, sweeteners, etc. all without much thought and have had fun in the process.  My pantry certainly looks different than it did one short year ago!

It has been quite a journey.  For anyone thinking about making healthy changes, it’s well worth the effort. AND my husband has enjoyed the changes! In fact, just this week Ron's dermatologist asked what he's doing differently because his skin looks so much better.

As for expense, I'm surprised how affordable these changes have been. Once you have things on hand, they go a long way!

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