Dietary Changes

In my previous life (before mold) I had a tendency to do things  "over the top".  I started running in my early 20s. Within 2 years I ran a marathon. I had my first child when I was 27. Within 16 years I had 9. We moved to our mansion home and I learned to decorate. It wasn't long before the closets were decorated.  While this obsessive quality has some serious downfalls I'm hoping to use it for good now. If we're here in Arizona to get better, I have reasoned, why not help by altering the way we eat too. This has been spurred on by my daughter Megan (21) who joined me in December on this quest for health.  She has experienced some severe effects from the mold and has determined to follow the anti-fungal diet recommended by Doug Kaufman of  It has also been spurred on by ths thought I read by Hippocrates: "Food is your medicine. Your medicine is your food." In summary, we have eliminated processed sugars and yeast. Fungus feeds on carbs and sugars and often leads to yeast overgrowth even in an uncontaminated environment.I have steadily been making changes over the last six months so the kids were prepared. I am not a purist in this area by any means. Megan is the one following the anti-fungal diet. But a lot has changed and the kids seem to be benefitting already. We have scrambled eggs most mornings. Pamela's gluten and wheat free pancakes are a big hit. We use a little blue agave sweetener or butter and cinammon. I keep apples, oranges, grapefruit, and bananas out and that's all they have in between meals. Broccoli is one of the healthiest food you can eat because it survives fungus. I am surprised how much easier it is to shop (because there's less choice) and how much less conflict we have at mealtime (because there is less choice).  I do have to shop every other day at least in order to keep things fresh but since this is all I'm doing right now it works.After dinner the fruit is still up for grabs and I keep Luna bars, Odwalla bars, Lara bars, Bora Bora bars on hand and that is what they have before bed. We also make popcorn on the stove.I don't know how this will translate into the "real world" but for now the simplicity of meat, fruit, and vegetables with minimal snacking has helped a great deal.