Treatment for biotoxin exposure

This is a general overview of the treatment protocol we are following. I will track it from morning to night. Breakfast:  we take Neural Sensitization Capsules which are formulated at Key Pharmacy in Kent Washington. There are 26 ingredients in each capsule ranging from selenium to zinc to grapeseed extract. We take 3 capsules with each meal. In addition, we take Vitamin E, Carlson's Fish oil (fish oil from the North Sea where fish are mercury free), thiocid, ToCoQ10,expectorant to keep the mucus "moving" out of the system, 2 nasal sprays, and hydroxy B12 with FA. Following breakfast we each take glutathoine with a nebulizer. This takes 20 minutes for each person. It takes 2 hours to get through everyone. I have purchased a new nebulizer but thus far have not been able to get it to work. (this would speed things along for us).
Two to three hours after breakfast we take 3 sequestering agents designed to pull the mycotoxins from our systems. These cannot be taken with the supplements as the nutrition would be pulled from the system as well. This part fascinates me because one of the agents is the drug cholestyramine which my pediatrician agreed to prescribe for me last summer. I was uncomfortable taking anything without the knowledgeable supervision of a specialist and I'm glad I waited. The other 2 agents are bentonite clay and charcoal and are key components as all 3 work together.
In mid-afternoon we take the NSPs again. Dinner we take them a third time along with some of the earlier supplements. Nasal Sprays are repeated and following dinner we do the whole nebulizing routine again. Before bed we do the sequestering agents 1 last time.
We also use ketoconazole shampoo and charcoal soap. We take clay baths as well. 
This protocol largely comes from Dr. Grace Ziem and was developed only in the last few years. 
The kids have been swimming every day in between treatments. It is a consuming routine to say the least and requires every bit of energy I have. But I think back to the first of December when I had nothing to offer them(and myself) and I am grateful.

Two notes of interest. Glutathione is used to treat autistic children and worth the research time for parents interested in pursuing further options.
Our favorite products include charcoal pore cleanse from Collective Well Being. (, All natural calcium bentonite clay from www. You don't have to be sick to benefit from these products.We're all exposed to various toxins on a daily basis and the clay pulls the toxins right out of the skin. We have noticed tremendous improvement in our skin from both of these!!  The kids ask daily to take a clay bath because their skin feels so soft.