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I plan to devote an entire post to the explanation of mycotoxins and their effect on the human body. But for today I thought I would share with you some new results.  A few days after we left our home we sent urine samples to RealTimeLabs in Texas for mycotoxin testing. Because of the expense we decided to only test for one of the toxins that come from mold exposure: tricothecenes. These came back negative a week later with only a trace for Reagan and Colin. I was elated.( These mycotoxins are the ones that come from stachybotrys). We were going to get off "easy" and all would be well.  Our samples were archived in the event we would ever want to test for the other 2 mycotoxins.  As the months wore on I could see all was not well. The kids were still sick. Upon the recommendation of Dr. Gray we had Colin and Reagan and one of our older daughters tested for aflatoxins and ochratoxins. This week I learned that all 3 children are positive for aflatoxins and 2 of them positive for ochratoxins. Their levels are high and alarming. Aflatoxins are known to be carcinogenic.
Colin's level of ochratoxin presence is 9 which is very very high. In talking with the doctor at the lab this morning, I learned that the tricothecenes may have not showed up in the urine because we were not being treated and they were "stuck" in their systems and not mobilized into the urine.  As I said, I will explain some of the specific damage these mycotoxins do but wanted to share this with you.