Leptin, Myelin, and an RV

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We've had a few of our blood tests come back. These were done back in Colorado under the auspice of our family practice doctor. He talked with Dr. Gray and agreed to authorize them. So far most have come back abnormal. These include our leptin, c4a, and myelin antibodies. The myelin antibodies are of particular concern as some came out positive for myself, Kaitlyn, and Colin (that I know of so far).  The good news about this is that our family doctor in Monument called me specifically to express his concern and support for pursuing medical help in Arizona. He has drafted a letter which I will be able to use to hopefully get our insurance carrier to cover some of these medical expenses. Dr. Gray mentioned to me by phone the other day that one of my children showed a 4353 genetic pattern. He talked at length about receptor cells and susceptible patterns but the bottom line is that this particular child  ( he was driving and couldn't recall which child) would never get better without intervention. We have such a long road ahead but I'm grateful we're on it.
One other test result of interest. Chris' office in the garage of our home was found to be contaminated with aspergillus.  Like stachybotrys this is a toxic mold. Unlike stachybotrys it can be cleaned. So Chris is having his equipment cleaned and is planning on broadcasting his daily radio show from an RV in our driveway. He needs the special phone line that's in his office in order to broadcast so if you're in Monument and drive by our old home be sure to honk at the RV.