The only way through it

Like the fungal colonies embedded in our skin, there's a quote from Jackson Browne embedded in my mind. While the singer/songwriter is certainly no theologian, the simplicity of the thought has provoked a great deal of comfort this last week. Especially yesterday. I missed my son's talent show Friday night. He did a dramatic interpretation of a scene from Dark Knight. I ached to see him perform. He's a senior in High School and everything this year is "his last". Amidst the pain, I knew with even greater assurance that we are in the best place we can be. We had an appointment Friday with a doctor that confirmed our decision even more and I will write more about that later. Still, this phase of our journey, though filled with answers, is long and arduous. It's relentless and it's lonely. I'd like it to be over or at least find a different, shorter way to get through. That's why Jackson Browne continues to pop into my mind. "The only way through it", he says, "is through it." There's no way around it. There's no way over it. Today I woke up and felt a bit lighter. Less overwhelmed. It's one day at a time. And there's no special protocol for 'getting through'. It's just that. Getting through. I think I can do that.