We get to rent houses

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I signed a lease yesterday. It's the second one I've signed since we left our home October 4th. We're in a vacation rental now so that makes 3 homes in all. Chris is in Colorado cheering me on so he hasn't seen this new home. I must pick up the story from where I left off on my initial blog. A church in Tucson graciously offered us a home to live in rent-free for 6 months. I saw the home on December 17th and found it to be ridden with mold. There was no doubt when I looked at the baseboards, shower area, and behind the toilets. It was the offer of the home that started us thinking about temporary re-location to Arizona in the first place so when it didn't work out I was determined to continue trying. We lived in a hotel for a few nights and a few days before Christmas came upon this vacation rental. It has been ideal. (In fact, it is 10 minutes from a radio studio willing to let us record our Building Relationships program.)Originally, the owner could only offer us a week. Ultimately he offered it until the end of January. The search for an equally good fit felt hopeless at times. That is until we met a family with a large home looking to rent to someone with alot of kids. They offered to leave furniture. There is a guest house where Chris can set up his studio.The mold testing turned out clear. And there are copies of the Left Behind books in the living room. We signed a 2 month lease which may grow into a couple more months depending on our progress. This brings me to the title of this blog. Yesterday I asked the kids to write a paper describing the change in their lives from last year to this year. I hope you smile like I did as you read this excerpt of Colin's.

" My life is different this year because we don't have to remeidiate and have to deal with mold. And last year we didn't have to go to Arizona. And this year we don't have to deal with icy roads and snow. This year I get to swim alot and I mean alot even in rain. What's different about this year is we get to rent houses not keep them."