Certainties amidst the Uncertainties

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Today is a new day with new possibilities. The 8 of us are crammed into a small 2 bedroom hotel suite in Sierra Vista waiting to see what lies ahead for us as a family. Whenever uncertainty prevails it helps to reflect on the "knowns". Here's what I know.
1.We were seeing progress with the treatment. We have seen regression being off of it.
2. Diet impacts health. One example. Yesterday was Kaitlyn''s 11th birthday. We bought a cake with pink flowers on it. Reagan had one piece and had the worst vertigo attack he has had in months. When it comes to our health it makes sense that food, air,and water matter.
3. We belong together as a family. It's better now that Chris is with us.
4. The pesticides caused serious regression. I have now learned that the type used were pyrethroids. These can cause neurological and respiratory damage. Breathing became difficult within hours after moving in. We saw instant neurological changes in our youngest son Brandon. I hope to discuss the impact of toxins on the brain at a later point. One interesting fact: toxins can cause noise in the brain making it very difficult for a child to focus.
5. Symptoms are our ally. If it weren't for our symptoms we would have stayed longer.
6. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity often shows up 8 months after a mold exposure. Dr. Gray said we fit the pattern he has seen frequently.

We have narrowed our search to newer homes with ceramic tile floors. Yesterday was especially difficult and discouraging. We will see what today holds for us.