Quick Update

We came close to finding a home today. It was perfect with the exception of a steam shower/sauna in the home. The mildew smell in the shower is too risky for us.
We are learning so much about our specific needs. Lots of ceramic tile, little landscaping and lawn care, high ceilings, and out of the city. We have a realtor looking for us. She is going above and beyond. We have lost a number of critical things due to our flight from the rental home so we're trying to get new diabetes supplies, contact lenses and such.
The nurse from Kristen's cactus spine removal called me today. (see previous post: flip flops in the desert).She volunteered last week at the local Extreme Home Makeover location. She talked with the staff about our story. They told her to write a letter about us. I can't believe she tracked me down to ask for more information.
I know some of you are following us closely this weekend and I want to tell you how much I appreciate your concern.