Mold and Pets

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When Shannon's parakeet Gabriel died within 9 months of moving to our home in Colorado we should have taken note. Gabriel was a healthy bird up until our move. When my friend's two pets got ill shortly after moving to her new home the first question the vet asked was "has their environment changed recently?". Veterinarians are far more attuned to the issue of environmental illness than traditional medical professionals.Soon after our bird died our two cats got sick. Each diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. One of our later parakeets Dreamer had a strange fungus all over his face. I didn't know it was fungus at the time. In retrospect it is clear. I know this is hard to believe but he chewed his foot off. And lived. Several years later our dog Pippen was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I doubt he had a family history of type 1 but I can't say for sure. Pippen's health declined steadily after our major exposure in May of 2007. While already blind, his eyes reddened severely and he chewed off some of his fur. Our pets were letting us know all along that something was wrong in our home. We just didn't know to listen.