Grumbling in the Desert


It's ironic we find ourselves in the desert. Egypt is starting to look good. We're the Israelites and Egypt is the home that made us so sick. Somehow the comforts of a contaminated home sound better than camping in the desert. We're not really camping but it feels that way. We have a card table, a desk, air mattresses and 3 tents. We tried to clean our mattresses but it was an uphill battle as Brandon continued to get nosebleeds just having them outside. We tried to buy a couch but the kids reacted to it so we took it back. Since this 1800 square foot home is all tile we'd like to add an area rug. We're hesitant to do that. A home with a brown couch and pictures on the walls sounds better than ever. Until I remember. We were seriously ill. We are still seriously ill. Three doctors have told us repeatedly we will not get better if we are in a toxic environment. When I remember why we're here and dig deep enough to believe something better is in store for us I can stop grumbling....maybe not for long...but for a moment.