A Kind Reminder

A friend from Colorado came to visit yesterday. She is in Phoenix this week visiting her mom. She drove two hours to take pictures, watch us nebulize, and remind me that we aren't alone on this journey. I still can't believe she gave up her day. She brought a brand new guitar donated from a father who had been saving it for his young children. He graciously decided we needed it. He was right. The sound of music is echoing in our tiny home and, again, reminds me we aren't alone on this journey.
Cathy also brought notes of encouragement from our church family, neighbors, school friends, even a friend from Illinois. I cried as I was, again, reminded we aren't alone on this journey. So many verses and quotes. I share this quote knowing that one of you is traveling a difficult road filled with obstacles, heartache, and darkness.

"A new life requires a death of some kind; otherwise it is nothing new, but rather a shuffling of the same deck. What we die to is an outworn way of being in the world. We experience ourselves differently. We are no longer who we thought we were. But I do not suggest for one moment that it is easy... No wonder, then, that a journey of this kind can seem fraught with danger, at least from the perspective of common sense. Danger and darkness are in the nature of any pilgrimage, whatever the destination."