Mold and Microbes

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When our 15 year-old daughter wanted to go to Peru in the summer of 2003 it seemed like a good idea. In hindsight her immune system was too compromised. She got sick while she was there. When she decided to go to Africa in the fall of 2005 little did we know how vulnerable she was to parasites and illness. She got malaria twice in the 3 months there, had massive ear infection, and came home with another parasite. It took several visits to an infectious disease doctor and phone conversations with a doctor with a long history of working in Uganda to find the "right"medicine to help her. Her health continued to suffer, however, until the fall of 2008 when she could no longer work. She had already left college.

When I brought the younger kids to Arizona in December she dropped everything to come. She knew she needed help. She began the protocol in earnest and began showing signs of a "die-off". Her rashes became extreme. Her mental state deteriorated. She was truly getting worse. It wasn't until I corresponded with a mom in Virginia that I considered something other than the mold exposure was involved. Her son appears to have a serious case of bartonella/lyme's disease. Thus began our quest to determine if Megan's parasite history is playing a part in her healing process. I have talked with two doctors who specialize in lyme's/bartonella. We are awaiting blood test results. In the meantime Megan is essentially housebound. We have backed off on the sequestering component of the treatment. It's too much for her system. Today we begin an herbal regimen recommended by one of the top doctors in this field. Ironically one of the herbs is from Peru. It makes sense to me that the de-tox caused whatever was hiding to surface. It also makes sense that the mold exposure contributed to her vulnerabilty and would have been reason enough to keep her from traveling to a third world country. But everything is always clear in hindsight.