Alternative Health

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Before my children became seriously ill I was afraid of alternative health. When I ran out of options I stepped out of my comfort zone. I'm glad I did.

My first experience with alternative health came in April of 2008. Before I connected our mold with the illnesses. I knew that Reagan's vertigo was more of a migrainal issue than inner ear. Kaitlyn had a head tilt. It made sense to me, then, to pursue help with their alignment. I contacted a chiropractor who specialized in the field of orthospinology.

The focus here is on the atlas bone which sits at the base of the skull (the C1). The atlas and brain stem should be at a 90-degree angle for optimal communication between the brain and the rest of the body. We're all off for a variety of reasons including toxic exposure. My kids were way off. 9 degrees off in some cases. An adjustment to the atlas consists of a gentle tapping on the bone using precise measurement. Within one week of her adjustment Kaitlyn's nystagmus disappeared. Her dizziness improved. The day after Colin was aligned properly he became sick. He had a fever, vomiting and diarrhea. This continued for 4 days and by the 5th day his abdominal pain, numbness, and headaches were dramatically improved. Days after my experience with the orthospinologist I became sick with a respiratory illness. I was sick for two weeks. The sinus drainage was massive. I know now that these were dramatic de-tox responses and saved us months of healing time.

Now that I understand the nature of our illnesses I find alternative health to be an even greater resource. Especially when it's non-invasive and natural. We've been helped by biofeedback, ionic foot baths (Reagan's rash on his ankle first appeared after a foot bath),massage therapy, auricular therapy, and herb supplements, to name a few. The herbs came after we connected Megan's illness with Lyme Disease. She has been using the herbal protocol recommended by Dr. William Cowden. Several of these herbs are for de-tox alone.

Most recently we have worked with yet another gifted individual in the area of energy medicine. This is a powerful and fascinating area of medical treatment. I now wish I had paid more attention in Physics class. Electromagnetic fields and sound frequencies work to stimulate the flow of electrons to generate cellular repair and regeneration. Specifically we've used the ondamed.

I have come to see alternative health, not as a threat, but as a great resource and option. For those of us with toxic exposure the opportunities are even greater. Much of alternative health is about de-toxing and allowing the body to utilize its inherent capacity to heal. For me, a clear reminder that our bodies are "fearfully and wonderfully made."