My Dad

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I talked with my dad on Father's Day. He had already changed the sheets and had been to church.

Monday used to be the day to change sheets but he makes those executive decisions now.

He was on his way to Omaha Steaks. 50% off sale for Father's Day. He's keeping busy but I can tell it's not easy to function without your wife of 50 plus years.

My dad has a good sense of humor. I remember how excited I was to tell them both about our genetic findings. Pieces of the puzzle were fitting together and who better to share it with! I called this past January.

"Dad, I found out why we haven't gotten better since leaving the house."


"I'm double 4353. That means each of the kids has one 4353 gene and you and Mom each have one."

I went on to explain a little about this genotype but it's a lot to take in for someone coming up on his 84th birthday. Mom was approaching her 80th.

Without a moment's hesitation my dad said in his monotone, one-of-a kind, George Kessel way,
"Well, I guess we won't be having any more children."

My dad served in World War II. Lived in foxholes for 67 days before he was wounded. Earned a purple heart. I didn't hear a lot about his experience growing up. I was too young to ask good questions. As the years went by I asked better questions. Still, he wasn't too verbal about his experiences. I was surprised, then, when he told me he had published a book. You can read more on Amazon.

I'm grateful for my dad. I can't wait to see what other executive decisions he makes in the coming months.