Mold Mystery Update

It's nice to be married to a writer. I would never start an update the way he did regarding our current travail.

"In our last thrilling installment of the Fabry Mold Mystery, we learned that the Fabrys were in mortal danger, spiraling downward toward another home disaster, sure that they were again hounded by the evil Mold Monster!

That’s how those old movies went. Just when you thought the hero would never be able to escape certain death, he pulled out a specially made weapon and zapped the villain.We don’t have a specially made weapon.

We only have the truth.

So, believing the truth would set us free, we called a mold inspector to do a test on the house we’re renting. It’s not cheap, but it’s what we tell people who ask us, “What can I do?”

He came and conducted the air tests and inspected the house visually.“Wow, this shower pan is really nice,” he said. “I tried to pour one a couple of years ago and I couldn’t do it this well.”

He looked the house over, up and down, and sideways while his machine was going. “If this place has mold in it, I will really be surprised.”

That was great news to us. We don’t have the tests back yet, but they will either confirm or deny the previous test."

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When our inspector set up the first canister to test the outdoor air, I was shocked when I started to cry. The last time I had seen such a canister was May of 2008.

Pain does that. It stays close to the surface. We don't know it's lurking until we're reminded.

Maybe, just maybe, we're grazing in our green pasture after all.