"This is the kind of mold report we hope for after a remediation," our mold inspector told us today. Our inside spore count is excellent. 10% of the outside count (or lower) in all of the rooms.

No aspergillus, penicillium, and, most importantly, no stachybotrys. Oh, and no chaetomium either.

The outdoor mold spore count is 1800. I remember when we had our air test in Colorado the outside count was 790. I'm not sure why I remember that detail but I do. Our inside spore count in one of the rooms was 320,000, which was 400 times the outdoor count. I just now did the math.

It's been a long road to find a safe haven for our children. A long road. We're now in a climate that suits us and within minutes of knowledgeable medical help. Many of you have walked this road with us. Thank you for breathing a sigh of relief with us.

I think I'll head back to the pasture now.