Pesticides in Schools

Pesticides are routinely sprayed in school buildings and day care centers around the country. I didn't give this a second thought until my children became chemically sensitive earlier this year. Since that time I have become keenly aware of the misuse of these dangerous chemicals. This news story addresses the issue by allowing us to view the application process at an Atlanta day care center. Watch how quickly the infants are brought back into the room.

Fox News Story

I asked toxicologist Dr. Jack Thrasher for his reaction to this news story. Here is his reply.

"I am speechless and horrified at the same time. This is what one should expect because of the attitude of the entire pesticide industry from the manufacturers through the applicators. The toxicology testing on formulated pesticides is inadequate.

"The parent ingredient is usually tested for its toxicity by itself. It is then formulated into a mixture that contains other ingredients. The other ingredients are called inerts while the pesticide is called the active ingredient. The mixture is almost never tested for its toxicity. The inert ingredients can be heavy metals, solvents and manufacturing impurities to name a few.

"What is not considered by those who apply these pesticides is that infants and children, pregnant women, the elderly and those with pre-existing medical and genetic conditions are sensitive to almost all of the ingredients used in the formulation."

The good news is there are alternatives and organizations dedicated to education regarding this matter. This is the website I recommend if you are in the education field or a parent who would like to see your school district adopt less toxic options.

Alternatives to Using Pesticides in Schools. What is Integrated Pest Management?

The use of less toxic substances can be financially beneficial. This is one of those issues where everyone wins by adopting safer protocols. No testing. No remediation. Just different strategies.

Of course, if it were me, I would make mold testing mandatory at every school. And I'd put an air purifier in every classroom.

Then I would see what happens to our learning disability rate.