Birthday Bears

We've celebrated two birthdays in a week. Ryan turned 19 on November 29th and Colin turned 10 on Saturday. Chris figured out we've celebrated 128 birthdays in the last 24 years.

Last year's birthdays were something to "survive." We tried to "get through" the day, trying our best to minimize the kids' inevitable disappointment. We were on the run, de-toxing, and unable to offer much more than a present and maybe a dinner out.

These two birthdays felt almost normal. Well, normal in light of our "new normal." We decorated and baked. Played hide and seek. Laughed. Shannon and I took Ryan to Best Buy to look at movies. Chris took Colin and a few of the kids to Build-a-Bear. Even Erin came home with a bear.

I think we'll title this picture "Re-Build a Life" Bears.