Eyeglass Awakening

I bought new glasses this week. Not because I wanted a new look or needed a new prescription.

I bought them because it suddenly dawned on me that I never replaced my glasses after we left our home.

We disposed of our clothing, threw away our shoes, and replaced wallets and purses. But not my eyewear. It never entered my mind.

Until my recent awakening.

My brain is connecting dots and seeing things for the first time.

Like the persistent bumps on the bridge of my nose that are located exactly where the eyeglasses rest.

Here’s a picture of the old glasses above my brand new ones. There's green stuff on the inside of the nosepads.

I don't have tests to prove this theory. It could be normal wear and tear. But I'm not taking a chance. The new glasses have put me on a better path.

As for the spots and bumps on my nose and under my eyes, I'm using some of my old tricks. Bentonite clay paste, charcoal soap (which we still use daily), and diluted grapefruit seed extract.

I wish I would have thought of this possibility sooner. I wish I would have "seen" this sooner.

But that's how I feel about the last nine years of our life.

At least I see now; through clean glasses.