New Year's Goals

I’ve set some goals for the New Year (it's never too late). Twelve goals, for each month of the year. Of course I have some relational and spiritual goals as well, but the following goals are related to food, cooking, and health. I've found that one goal per month is realistic and much better than a weekly goal. I've also found that I learn best through my mistakes, so a full month gives me more time for trial and error.

My New Year's goals:

  1. Grow wheatgrass.
  2. Perfect our soapmaking recipe. (I failed in my first try and moderately succeeded in my second try.)
  3. Make natto. (Natto is a fermented soy food—something I'm eager to try with organic, non-GMO soybeans. Proper fermention helps deal with the antinutrients while offering a powerful probiotic. Here is an interesting article on the subject.)
  4. Make a liver recipe that my family will eat. (I eat raw liver and make capsules with dessicated liver for my kids, and throw in liver when I make sausage or meatloaf. I have yet to try to make a meal out of liver.)
  5. Prepare a 15-meal menu planner.
  6. Make pickles that taste as good as Bubbie's.
  7. Learn to compost.
  8. Make mustard.
  9. Make cultured butter.
  10. Expand my herb garden to include the herbs used for Four Thieves. (I love cleaning with Vinegar of the Four Thieves!)
  11. Make a printable shopping list which includes all the items I order from the food co-op, online, Whole Foods, etc.
  12. Make fermented salsa.
I purchased a brand new binder to help me stay focused and organized. I am in the process of collecting information sheets/recipes for each goal. Below is the binder, alongside my first goal: Wheatgrass.

(My first batch of wheatgrass went fine until I overwatered. I tossed the moldy batch and so far so good with batch #2.)

If all goes well I'll head into 2013 with a meal plan, a compost pile, and a shopping list! And some nice fresh wheatgrass, of course.