Type 1 Study

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It's been five years since Colin was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of seven. As I look back, I stand amazed that no medical professional connected the onset of his illness with the toxicity of our home. No doubt a variety of factors play a role in this disease; however, the factor of toxic load, particularly toxic mold, is rarely discussed.

What if the connection between environment and health was common knowledge? What if our son's case could contribute and help others?

With these questions in mind, we have agreed to participate in a study connecting the onset of type 1 diabetes with exposure to toxic mold. The study is being led by Dr. Luke Curtis, along with Dr. Allan Lieberman of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Dr. Curtis has an MD as well as an MS in public health. He has published eight papers on mold-related health problems, including this one. He has also completed two courses on mold identification and has 20 years experience in mold sampling and remediation. He is one of the few medical doctors in the country who is also a certified industrial hygienist.

According to Dr. Curtis:
I am working on a case series describing children or adults developing type 1 diabetes following documented heavy indoor mold exposure. We are looking for more cases to include in a case series which will be submitted to a diabetes or environmental journal.

Publishing a case series might be very useful in understanding triggers for type 1 diabetes and planning more research on type 1 diabetes prevention.
If you or someone you know might be interested in participating, we would love to hear. Email me directly at andrea@momsaware.org.