Solar Water


There are multiple ways to use sunlight for water filtration. Solar water traditionally combines cobalt blue with sunlight in order to alter the structure of the water molecules. Cobalt blue glass comes in a variety of forms. I found these 16-ounce glass cobalt blue bottles at Freund Container and Supply. After filling each with tap water, I left the bottles uncapped overnight (this allows the chlorine to evaporate). I then capped each bottle and placed them outside in direct sunlight for 6 hours. (Recommendations vary from 1 hour to 6 hours.)

The taste difference was remarkable. The water tasted sweeter, lighter, and cleaner. I inventoried my family using a blind taste test, and each one voted for the solar water. Tap water is pictured on the left below, solar water on the right. The tap water had been sitting for 20 minutes. (I have written previously about contaminants in tap water in a post titled Water Quality Report.)

I've been using solar water for kombucha, water kefir, and other fermented beverages. The kids enjoy drinking it straight from the refrigerator. These bottles would be perfect for traveling—a cheap, simple, reusable water bottle!

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