Clean Water Adventure

I shared about our recent adventure to a gravity-fed spring with HandPicked Nation, a leading proponent of the Real Food Movement. In the article I talk about FindaSpring, a community-based website offering an interactive listing of natural springs around the world. When I realized such a spring was within an hour's drive, I was elated. Here's an excerpt from the article:
The spring is located at the top of Mt. Lemmon—the perfect spot to cool off when weary of the blazing summer temperatures. We brought numerous glass bottles as well as a five-gallon plastic water bottle. The trail was a bit rocky but we reached our destination awaiting the sound of flowing, fresh water.

We heard no such sounds. Only a trickle of water dripped from the pipe that connects this golden aquifer with the outside world. A passerby stopped to check on the spring's status. She told us there was no sign of water the week before. "Other times of the year, it's gushing," she said. (Which is exactly how I imagined the spring based on this video found at

However, our labor was not in vain. Four of us formed a line as one person "caught" the water in a thermos, while another poured, and another passed it to the top. It took more than a half hour, but we left with nearly two gallons of water. The taste was as pure as I expected. FindaSpring offers no guarantee on the water quality and even suggests testing the water if you're not sure. We were willing to take the risk and enjoyed every gulp.

Upon our return home I took our remaining living water and over the next few days transformed it into a refreshing batch of kombucha. Come monsoon season we'll head back up to the top of Mt. Lemmon to see if our golden water has begun to flow again. We'll take our five-gallon bottle just in case.

Is there a gravity-fed spring near you? Check out and begin your adventure.
To read the article in its entirety, visit the HandPicked Nation website.

Here's a photo of Chris and Colin at the site of the trickling water.