Mold in the Media

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Stories surrounding toxicity in the environment continue to abound.

· A family in suburban Chicago recently vacated their home due to toxic mold. The couple, along with their one-year old twins, were forced to leave after an upstairs neighbor's washing machine flooded and leaked through their ceiling. The resulting mold was remediated improperly and quickly grew. The family became ill, and the husband was hospitalized for breathing problems. The Chicago Tribune ran this story about their plight.

· My friend Kristina, who relocated to Arizona due to a mold exposure in the Virgin Islands, recently sent me this press release about her battle for Social Security benefits. She was working when she was exposed and immediately became disabled. Her story illustrates the hazards of cross-contamination. I've summarized her story here.

· The state of Wisconsin has passed its first Indoor Air Quality law for public and private schools. The move comes after a 5-year effort by mold activist Jeanne Black, whose daughter became ill after attending an elementary/middle school in Darlington, Wisconsin. The Center for School Mold Help has been instrumental in the passage of this law. For more information on this story see SMH's website.

· CBN has set an air date for our story for next Wednesday, December 9. The 700 Club has a weekly Wednesday health segment and our story will appear at that time.